Arthur (Action Short) available NOW!

Written/Directed Bryan Sloyer

Starring Yoshi Sudarso, Jay Kwon, Bryan Sloyer, Bethany Curry

Director of Photography Kyle Potter

Action Design Bryan Sloyer

Choreography Team Bryan Sloyer, Jay Kwon, Kyle Potter, Jerry Quill


Yoshi Sudarso as Arthur     Jay Kwon as Lawrence     Bryan Sloyer as Asher     Bethany Curry as Bella

Kiera O’Connor as The Massage Therapist      Shai DeBroux as The Assassin     Nathan People as The Security Recruiter

Justin Chang as Recruit #1     Andrew Franklin as Recruit #2     Caitlin Hutson as Park Class Participant

Frank Jeong as Jogger

Park Extras Jerry Quill, Kosey Baskin, Andrew Franklin, Amy Sturdivant, Kellina Rutherford, Caitlin Hutson, Tony Vittorioso, Dominique Smith, Armand Rabanal, Kiera O’Connor, Shai DeBroux, Frank Jeong

Camera Operators Bryan Sloyer, Kyle Potter, Kiera O’Connor

Gimbal Operator Kyle Potter

Edit/SoundFX/VFX Bryan Sloyer

ADR Kyle Potter

Music “Eternity” by Alivvve      “Breaking A Promise” by Ryan Amon     “Follow” by Sean Williams

Production Assistants Andrew Franklin, Shai DeBroux, Kiera O’Connor

Special Thanks Will Greenburg, Gui DaSilva, Travis Wong, Armand Rabanal, Yoshi Sudarso, Sarah Sudarso, Joseph V. Oreste, Emmanuel Manzanares, Vlad Rimburg