Aquaman Sequel Sets It’s Release Date


If you would have told anyone five years ago a Aquaman movie would make over a billion dollars, you would have been sent to the nut house.

However, that did happen. And now Warner Bros has set a release date for the sequel.

Why the four year wait? Competition and director James Wan being a very busy, busy man. But hopefully, Warner Bros and DC Films can build off the success of Aquaman and give us enough great content over the next four years that we won’t necessarily forget Aquaman, but we also won’t be just anticipating that one particular DC Film.

As it stands, Shazam is the next DC Film, debuting in April of this year. Then we wait until October for the out of continuity (maybe?) Joker film. After that is the Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey film and then finally Wonder Woman 1984 next summer.

Director Matt Reeves Batman reboot is still in early development as well as the New Gods film.

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