Dark Phoenix: An Embarrassment?!?


More bad news surrounding the X-Men Franchise. Apparently, Dark Phoenix (the next First Class) isn’t just bad, it’s an embarrassment. The damning report comes courtesy of We Got This Covered who explain that somebody who has seen a early screening of Fox’s latest came to them with some early reactions. The source revealed.

I went and saw Dark Phoenix a few months ago. While I didn’t like Apocalypse, I still had high hopes because I still loved First Class and Days of Future Past. Unfortunately, the film was a huge disappointment. Terrible script, bland visuals and the weird choice to recreate scenes from The Last Stand – Fox’s other attempt (failure) to adapt The Dark Phoenix storyline. There is ONE kind of an interesting twist midway but it didn’t really do much for me.

He goes on to say that Jessica Chastain, the alien main villain of the film isn’t just bad, she’s awful. Chastain and her alien cohorts, who may or may not be the Shi’ar, are described as being bland and covered in poor CGI. This report falls in line with others that the film’s screenings rated very poorly forcing Fox to sink more money into the film.

Hopefully when Disney gets their hands back on the X-Men franchise they can create the first great X-Men film.

Until then, X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.

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